Help provide relief to Employees

In this volatile time, industries are being forced to furlough hundreds of employees due to coronavirus. There are over 7.32k members in the Wilton Manors workforce, with over 30% of them relying on tips for income. 

We are asking for your help for the employees of Wilton Manors businesses impacted by COVID-19. 

You can become a sponsor by making a sizable donation, spreading the word with your partners and posting our GoFundMe on your social media pages. 

We thank everyone for their support and we will continue to bring attention to all of the donors that are helping the lives of employees of Wilton Manors businesses who are now unemployed. All sponsors will be featured on emails, social sites and on the home page. 


Thank You Sponsors!

Once you click the "Become a Sponsor" button you will be taken to the donation page. 
Once your donation has been received we will contact you to get your logo and acknowledge you as a sponsor.
Thank you. 

Things Sponsors Do: 
  • Donation of $1000 or more
  • Share WeAreWilton to Social Media
  • Share WeAreWilton via email
  • Help spread the word everyday